Elsa's Story


I moved to Byron Bay and felt an immediate connection to its beauty, community and spirit.


I was introduced to some of the native botanicals grown locally in Byron and I was really intrigued. I learnt that some of them could be clinically-proven to effect change on the skin.


An idea for a locally made skincare range was born, but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I started to talk to some people I knew in skincare & beauty to find some women who could help me.


I was introduced to Jacqui and Kate and we quickly knew we were a dream team. We started planning. Our first idea was the Mask Kit, because I was travelling so much at that time and really wanted something I could customise on the go. We quickly got to finding a local manufacturer and making samples.
We were then thrown into lockdown so there were a lot of mask selfies flying around at this time!


We hit the ground running.
This was the biggest year for us, testing products, finalising designs, strategizing our launch. We also started building out the team.

We decided our first launch would be our Divine Ritual™ Collection, followed by our Native Sunrise™ Blend Collection as an ode to the amazing sunrise we had on our first shoot day in Byron.

JUNE 2022

I was so proud and excited to launch Purely Byron, a natural skincare range that captures the essence of Byron, celebrating its powerful native botanicals.

JULY 2022

We launched our first Native Sunrise™ Blend product, our Moisturiser. It becomes one of our best-sellers, alongside our Derma Roller (my absolute fave) and our Divine Ritual™ Balm.


I was really clear I wanted to give back to the community that gave me inspiration, so we start working with local charities to give back a portion of each sale. More to come!