An interview with Elsa

In one of our recent meetings, we asked our co-founder Elsa Pataky some 
quick-fire questions to get the inside scoop on her beauty and wellness tips. We also chatted about her original inspiration for Purely Byron 
and she revealed her (and her family's) favourite products.

What was your inspiration for Purely Byron?

Byron Bay is my adopted hometown. I feel so grounded here, it really is my happy place. Over the last few years I started to look into the amazing natural ingredients and botanicals that are grown here and was really inspired to create something with them that could showcase Byron to the world.

Purely Byron is my opportunity to combine my love for natural skincare, and my love for Byron Bay - which is why I am so proud everything is made right here, in Australia using local ingredients.

What is one beauty practice you can’t live without?

I am obsessed with Derma Rolling.

In the beginning, it can be a little daunting, because you can feel all the little needles. But, it doesn’t hurt, it's just a new feeling. And I have become addicted to it!

But we really only recommend doing it twice a week. The flushed feeling I get after rolling, I just know my skin is loving it.

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For me, derma rolling does 3 things;

✓ It helps the products I follow with afterwards to get into the skin more deeply as the rolling opens up the skin and allows channels for the product to penetrate. 

If you're new to rolling, I suggest just using our Ritual Balm until your skin is used to it, then slowly start to trial and integrate more active products. Take it slow.

✓ Essentially rolling with microneedles causes tiny little pinpricks to the skin. While it doesn’t hurt, the skin then tries to boost its natural collagen to help repair. You can’t see or feel this but I really find my skin is so much more plump the next days and you really notice the difference after a few weeks of doing it regularly. 

✓ If I feel a blemish coming on, I roll on that place as soon as I can. I find the next day there is nothing there! Its like 24k gold magic.

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What does your nightly skincare ritual look like?

I like to keep things simple. 

I wash off the day with our Divine Ritual™ Cleansing Oil. It’s gentle enough to really work it around my eyes to get rid of my makeup. I then rinse with a warm muslin cloth. 

If I am not Derma Rolling that day, I apply our Native Sunrise™ Blend Serum, and pat that in firmly. 

If I am rolling, or my skin is feeling super tired or dry, I use our Divine Ritual™ Balm about an hour before bed. There is something about the scent in the Ritual Balm I find so comforting and blissful before sleep.

What are yours, and your family’s, favourite Purely Byron Products?

I love them all! Too hard to pick a favourite. 

For daily use, it’s our Cleansing Oil and Moisturiser

I’m also really proud of our Native Sunrise™ Blend Serum (coming soon: join the waitlist). I was so involved with the process of developing this one as the texture, scent and absorption had to be in perfect balance. It took a long time but it’s a terrific serum. 

Chris and I also love the Native Sunrise™ Blend Moisturiser. This product took the most time in development, but it was worth the wait. It’s beautiful on the skin and delivers results. 

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What are your top wellness tips?

I make sure I organise my time during the day and I follow a similar routine every day. For instance, I always try to fit my exercise in the mornings. It does not need to be full on workouts but any type of movement. I try to make sure I do at least three to four workouts a week, mostly HIITs (20-40 min of intermediate training). The days I don’t do a workout I would either surf or go horse riding.

Then I focus on my mental fitness in the evening

Once the kids are asleep. I try to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes before going to bed and I make sure I read and unwind before going to bed.

Lastly, I make the nutrition part as the base of my day-to-day life. I make sure I eat balanced and as healthy as I can although of course I have my cheating days!